About Us

Welcome to the club. A club that was founded in 2015 – with health and fitness roots that go all the way back to 1999. 

Based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. We are experts in researching, designing and developing supplements that help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Our team has been doing it since the turn of the millennium. So you know you’re in good hands. 

At Muscle Club, your goals are our goals and that’s exactly how we like it. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned athlete – your goals are the seed for every idea we have. 

Our Brand-Family

We are proud to be part of a brand-family that includes best selling supplements including TestoGen, Blackwolf and ProCut.

We pride ourselves on cutting edge research and development for these products as well as managing their brand presence all over the world.

Our team works alongside athletes, nutrition professionals and manufacturing partners to maintain the highest levels of quality across all our brands and products in order to make sure our products live up to your highest expectations.

Rest assured, whether you’re buying directly from us, a brand-family website or Amazon. You’ll receive a product we care about.




The Values We Live By

Your Fitness Comes First

Without you and your fitness goals, we wouldn’t even exist. So we think you’re pretty important. That’s why we tailor our products and content to your feedback. Got something to say about one of our products? We’re all ears. We love to hear it, and we act on it on a daily basis.

We’re NEVER Done
(and neither are you)

We know that you push hard to achieve your fitness goals. So you should know that behind the scenes we push even harder to make sure that happens. From 24/7 Customer Support to regular content to inform, inspire and impact. We won’t stop working with you.

Everyone is Welcome

At Muscle Club everyone is equal and no one is left behind. Our supplements are designed to help athletes of all skill and experience levels. No goal is too big but no goal is too small either. One person’s warm up is another’s marathon, so there’s no judgement here. Just support and advice.

Need To Know More? Contact Us

Our team is standing by to offer you support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat or reach us via telephone on +44 843 809 2123

Send us an email by using the form below, or contact our brand-family directly:

Testogen Customer Support – support@testogen.com

BlackWolf Customer Support – support@blackwolf.com

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