The 30-Minute Total Body Strength Workout

Overhead press

In today’s day and age, time is golden; many people nowadays simply don’t have two hours to devote to a workout each and every day. Spending this much time is impractical and it takes time away from work and family. For this reason, many people opt for higher-intensity sessions (HIIT), which offer a high amount of work in a short amount of time – perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

The downside to many of these HIIT sessions is that they are very cardio-based – so, great for weight loss as you’re guaranteed to lose some serious poundage, but for those who primarily want strength gains, they aren’t very well-structured. Sure, doing 45-second sprints with a small break is great for cardio health, but it’s not exactly going to put on pounds of muscle and increase your strength. For this reason, the team at Muscle Club has devised our 30-Minute Total Body Strength Workout!

For our workout, we are only allowed 30 minutes, so every exercise needs to serve a specific purpose. In addition, we are still going to perform this workout under relatively high intensity to minimize the rest time. We guarantee this will leave you sore tomorrow!

Pull ups

Our 30-minute workout is going to be a total body strength-builder, designed to strengthen just about every muscle group in the body as well as burning a lot of calories in the process. The four movements we will perform are:

The squat – perfect for total leg development, core strength, and lower back strength.
Tip: Perform these with a weight you could do for 15 reps.

Pull-ups – an ideal upper back movement to develop wider lats while engaging the biceps. We will be using an overhand grip for lat engagement followed by an underhand grip for bicep development.

Push-ups – great for developing the chest and triceps. We will use a traditional push-up position as well as the diamond hand position, which offers a closer hand position and more tricep involvement.

Overhead press – a guaranteed strength-builder, the overhead press has been a staple of strength programs for decades.
Tip: We recommend using a weight you can comfortably do 20 reps with.

This workout is going to be in a circuit style structure, performing each exercise one after another.
Rest intervals: 30 seconds between each set.

Workout rest intervals

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