10 Rules When Working Out In A Crowded Gym

Crowded Gym

While everybody prefers to have the gym to themselves, sometimes a crowded gym just can’t be avoided. When working out in a crowded gym, there are some elements of courtesy that need to be appreciated. These 10 rules to abide by will make sure you get a great workout without creating any gym enemies in the process!

If you’re honest, you probably don’t like working out in a packed out gym. Although it can be motivating to be around a lot of people working hard, it’s still frustrating when every piece of equipment you want to use is taken. To ensure that your gym experience is both enjoyable and productive, consider the following rules when working out in a crowded gym!

1. Don’t Be Shy

While most people prefer not to be bothered (especially if they have headphones in), most people will also be willing to allow you to work in with them on a machine. Many gym-goers are some of the nicest and considerate people you’ll meet and you might just gain a friend out of it. Don’t be afraid to ask others to share or share with others yourself.

2. Don’t Spend Too Much Time on One Machine

While you shouldn’t be shy, many people will still be a bit timid to ask you to work in. No worries – just be sure that you don’t hog a machine for too long. Complete your sets and get on with your workout.

3. Avoid Spending Too Much Time Looking At Your Phone

While looking at Instagram photos of other gym goers is very motivating, it can be frustrating for other people waiting on a machine, cable, or dumbbell to see you staring at your phone. When it’s crowded, limit the amount of screen time you have and be aware of others looking to use what you’re using.

4. Don’t Stand In Other’s Mirror Space

This one is a bit nit-picky but some do see it as a critical error. It’s just common courtesy to avoid standing in others mirror space. If it can be avoided, avoid it.

5. Don’t Stand In Front Of Dumbbell Rack

Standing in front of the dumbbell rack will block others from being able to reach the dumbbells you’re standing in front of. There’s typically a lot of traffic around the DB’s so it’s best to get what you need and get out of the way.

6. Supersets and Giant Sets

While supersets and giant sets are fine to do, just make sure you’re not taking up a lot of equipment and/or space doing so. Try to do these with a single dumbbell set or barbell. Again, it’s just a common courtesy to others.

7. Don’t Curl in the Squat Rack

If you have the gym to yourself, by all means, curl where you please. However, if you find yourself in a packed gym, do not, I repeat, do not curl in the squat rack. You’re not going to make any friends by making somebody wait on you to finish your sets of curls.

8. Avoid Carrying A Huge Gym Bag Around

While it may be necessary to have a few gym accessories with you (i.e. gloves, straps, etc.), it’s a bit of pain having to avoid everybody’s bag in a crowded gym. When the gym is crowded, just take what you need and leave the bag in the locker room.

9. Taking All The Weights

If your gym runs low on weight plates when it’s busy, it’s not a good time to see what your max is on leg press. And honestly, nobody really cares what your max is on leg press and many will be pissed off if they can’t find a 45-pound weight plate. Be courteous and don’t take all the weights hostage.

10. Your Music’s Too Loud

If other people can hear your music through their headphones, your music is too loud. Plus, if your music’s too loud you won’t be fully aware of everything going on around you. Do everyone a favor and turn it down a notch so that you can be aware of your surroundings.

Do you follow any ‘unwritten rules’ when the gym is packed out? Tell us all about your gym etiquette below!