3 Life Changing Benefits of Getting Fit and Healthy

Life changing health benefits of fitness

Most people know, or have at least heard about the benefits, of getting in shape and improving their health. It’s almost cliched to talk about. Nonetheless, it’s an important topic. Remind yourself of the importance of getting fit and healthy with these three life changing benefits. You won’t regret it!

1. Increased Energy

Surely, you’ve heard of this benefit before. However, what about the increased mental energy. The more active you are the more blood circulation your body requires. Not only will this enable you to feel more mobile and agile but it will allow your brain to be more efficient as well.

The brain is quite demanding from an energy and blood flow requiring standpoint. At one time or another, you’ve probably experienced that ‘brain fog’ feeling. You’ve been stationary for a while, for whatever reason, (car ride, sitting at a desk at work, etc) and you find yourself zoned out, on auto-pilot, if you will.

The decrease in circulation and blood flow is an attempt by your body to spare as much energy as possible. A simple walk around the room or a dozen body weight squats would quickly alleviate these symptoms. On a bigger scale, if you put more physical exercise into your daily routine, you will require your body to increase circulation to all areas of the body, including the brain.

Who knew that exercise could actually make you think more clearly and perform better at work?

2. Decreased Sickness/Illness

Now that you’re more productive at work, what if we could minimize your sick days and make you more productive and, more importantly, more efficient at work? By getting in better shape and forming healthy lifestyle habits, you greatly reduce your chances of getting sick.

When you become fit and healthy, little things like a cough, allergies, or even a sore throat don’t tend to be as common. By being in better shape, your immune system will become much stronger and more able to fight off those little nagging symptoms.

3. Live Longer and Happier

Regardless of how long you wish to live, it’s safe to say that you want to enjoy your years here on earth as much as you can. Watching your kids grow up and have kids of their own is something most people consider really special. How much would you love to be able to run around and play with your grandchildren and maybe even your great grandchildren?

Imagine what kind of an example that would show them. Your grandchildren would aspire to be just like you. You can’t take anything with you when you depart from this world, but you can leave something behind. Probably the most impactful thing you could leave would be a blueprint for others to follow. By getting fit and healthy now, you make a choice in your younger life that will carry you throughout your whole life. That choice will allow you not just to survive, like many do, but to thrive. Your children and your children’s children will see that, take note and aspire to be just like you.

Getting fit and healthy doesn’t make you an outstanding citizen or a hero. But being healthy and fit and providing a great example for others to follow is commendable. Humans are blessed with this incredibly designed gift, our bodies. It is the responsibility of each of us to take care of our bodies and use it properly.