5 Planking Moves You Need To Try For A Ripped Core!


Six-pack abs – everyone wants them but so few achieve that head-turning ripped midsection!

If you’re willing to put in the work, the team at Muscle Club have devised the perfect ab routine to get you that ripped midsection. All the exercises in this article incorporate planking – perfect for building core strength and endurance to give you a well-rounded lean and tapered physique.

Here’s our top five planking moves you need to try for a ripped core.

1. Standard weighted plank
For the first exercise, we are going to do 3 rounds of 30 seconds in a standard planking position. However, we are going to add resistance by placing a weight plate on the upper back. The weight does not need to be overly heavy and should not throw you out of the normal planking position.

2. Side plank
Start from the standard plank position and bring your legs together until your heels touch. Lift one arm off the ground and rotate to your side so that your weight is being supported by just one forearm. To add resistance to this, we recommend holding a light dumbbell or weight plate in your hand around your hip. Hold for 30 seconds.

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3. Single-arm plank
Starting from the standard plank position with a light dumbbell in one hand, extend that arm directly in front of you in a Superman pose. Hold for 5 seconds, then return to the starting position. Change hands and repeat with the other arm. Complete 4 rounds of this for 1 set.

4. Weighted plank with leg lift
If you have access to ankle weights, this can be a great exercise for ab development. Attach the ankle weights and start in the standard plank position. Once you are in the plank position, lift one leg slowly, keeping the knee straight. Hold for 5 seconds and lower. Repeat with the other leg for 4 rounds.

5. Standard weighted plank with exercise ball
This one’s for more experienced plankers, but it’s guaranteed to give you a crazy burn and help develop that long-desired six-pack! Starting in the standard weighted plank position with the weight plate on your upper back, balance your feet on top of a small exercise ball and hold for 30 seconds. The added element of stability is sure to get your core firing like crazy – but be careful not to lose your balance!

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If you’re tired of having a soft midsection or you’re looking to tighten up that core for a beach holiday, you seriously need to try out those top five planking moves!