6 Items You Must Have In Your Home For Optimum Health

Physio ball

Even the most consistent gym goers can benefit from having a few items at home. In fact, having these items at home (and actually using them) will help you inside the gym as well. When you’re in the gym, you can lose sight of some of the smaller, important things. But there’s no need to waste time in the gym doing them, when you can do them at home instead. Here‘s the six items your home shouldn’t be without.

Physio Ball

Great for getting full range of motion (ROM) on crunches, the physio ball is a must have at home. The physio ball can be used for many different things.

Replace your desk chair with a physio ball to activate your core much more than sitting in a normal chair. It’s also a great way to stretch the lower back.

Simply lay on the ball, as if you were about to do a set of crunches, and allow your body to rap around the ball. Flip around on your stomach and do the same thing. This will greatly help loosen up tight areas in your mid-section area.

Of course, you’re able to do all the other exercises you do in the gym on the physio ball. If you’re feeling like you could use a little extra ab work while watching TV, go for it! After all, a physio ball is relatively inexpensive and can be used for various things.

Lacrosse Ball

This self-myofascial release (SMR) tool may become one of your favorites. Utilize the lacrosse ball like a massage tool by rolling the ball along the bottom of your feet.

Our feet adjust to the shoes that we wear and often times this allows the bottom tissues on our feet to get tight. These tight tissues can cause problems all the way up the kinetic chain. After all, our body is one functioning unit, all working together.

Be sure to apply pressure to the feet and loosen up those tight areas. Doing this daily will allow your feet to relax more and hurt less during the day. You’ll be amazed at what a lacrosse ball can do!

Foam Roller

The foam roller is another self-myofascial (SMR) release tool that can really help your body stay healthy and fresh. No need to worry about using the foam roller at the gym, this tool can be used in the comfort of your own home whenever needed.

Similarly to the lacrosse ball, the foam roller will help alleviate tight tissues and provide a nice relaxed, post-massage type of feeling. Do yourself a favor and take care of tight tissues before they cause major problems. It’s not difficult to do. You just have to make yourself do it.

Jump Rope

The jump rope takes up hardly any space and can serve as one of the best cardio workouts out there. Forget about expensive and space-filling treadmills and elliptical. A jump rope and a little creativity is all you need to get a heart-racing cardio session in.

Pull-Up Bar

Having a pull-up bar at home can be greatly beneficial. Obviously, you can do pull ups with one, along with hanging ab exercises, etc., but to keep it along the same lines of SMR, simply hanging from the bar will help decompress the spine and stretch out the lower back.

Weighted Vest

Make those evening walks a little bit more challenging by wearing a weighted vest. You’ll be surprised about how much more difficult the simplest of tasks can be while wearing a 20 pound vest. Add this to your at home cardio routine and spice it up a bit!

Not every workout should be designed to try and kill you, or make you sore for the next five days. You must take care of your tissues and allowing your body to just get beat up and sore all the time will only lead to injuries and/or lack of results. Utilize these inexpensive, at home tools to better your body not just for the gym, but for the world outside of it too!