What are the benefits of glutamine? And how much do I need?

Benefits of glutamine

Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in the body, and has many important roles from maintaining immune health to muscle recovery!

Glutamine makes up roughly 60% of all muscle tissue. So, ensuring you maintain a high amount through your diet is essential! A naturally occurring amino acid found in protein, high amounts of glutamine can be found in meats, dairy products such as cheeses, plant sources such as soybeans and cabbage, and other high-protein foods like eggs.

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If you eat a high-protein diet, the chances are that you are getting a decent amount of glutamine without even realizing.

There is no doubt that glutamine is one of the most important amino acids in your body. But did you know that a high dose of glutamine gives these additional benefits?

  1. Anti-catabolic – glutamine prevents you from going into a catabolic state and breaking down muscle tissue during training.
  2. Boosting immune strength – glutamine is great for boosting your immune system. It can be particularly good for maintaining optimal gut health.
  3. Increasing HGH – several studies have linked increased glutamine to an increase in HGH secretion. Increased levels of HGH aid your body in building more lean muscle and metabolizing body fat.
  4. Improving muscle recovery – replenishing muscle glutamine levels post-training has been shown not only to speed up recovery, but also to contribute to increased muscle growth.

As you can see, there is a whole host of benefits of glutamine! To maximize these benefits, we recommend adding a high-quality glutamine supplement to your diet to ensure that you are consistently giving your body the amount it needs.

Muscle Club offers a great glutamine supplement that is not only the highest quality available but also great value for money, as it is available in every box we offer!

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We recommend supplementing with 5–10g of glutamine first thing in the morning with your Muscle Club whey protein shake, and then immediately post-training with another whey protein shake. For convenience, you can also add your glutamine into your Muscle Club BCAAs during your training session.

Have you tried supplementing with glutamine before? If not, it could be the key supplement to help you achieve greater results. Grow more muscle and trim down body fat while increasing your general health! Glutamine is the perfect supplement to add into any supplement stack.