Get Leg Day Over With In 5 Minutes With This Brutal Workout

Leg Day Squats

You’re a serious trainer. Therefore, you don’t skip leg day. This simple but effective leg workout will test even the most advanced trainees out there and will help you develop legs that others will idolize. One set of these squats is all you’re going to need for this workout. But don’t be fooled, this is far from a walk in the park. It’ll only last 3-5 minutes but this may be the most challenging and difficult leg workout you’ll ever do.

Warning: Get your mind right before you set out on this one…20- Rep Breathing Squats

20- Rep Breathing Squats

Get good and warmed up. Your working set is going to 1 x 20. Let me guess, you’re thinking, ‘oh, twenty reps, must mean we’re going light.’ Not quite, my friend. The goal here is to go as heavy as you can for 20 reps.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Unrack the weight and begin your reps.
  • When you begin to fatigue, you are able to pause and rest, however, the barbell must remain on your back. You’re not allowed to rack it.
  • Do not rack the weight until all 20 reps are complete.

Incredibly simple, yet oh so brutal. The first few times you do this, I would start lighter. Get a feel for it and judge where you should attempt the first real brutal set. Fifty percent of your one-rep max would be a good place to start.

Curious as to why they’re called “breathing squats”? The answer will be very obvious once you’ve completed the workout.

If you’ve chosen the correct amount of weight, knocking out 8-9 reps should flow fairly smoothly. You may just about be able to string the next few reps together.

If you get to rep 14 and don’t think you can continue on, that’s perfectly normal. With the barbell on your back, rest and breathe, and gear up for the next rep. When you reach that point, turn your focus to ‘one rep at a time.’ You need to be mentally tough to do this workout. Stay focused, and do not quit.

Don’t bother adding anything else to this leg day. If done correctly, you’ll be walking very tenderly out of the gym. You’ll also find yourself completely out of breath so this set will also serve as your cardio for the day!

While this workout only lasts about 3-5 minutes, these will probably be some of the longest minutes of your life. It is brutal and painful but your legs will develop strength, endurance, and size like never before.

Stay safe

A note on safety – do not attempt this leg workout without a power rack or safety pins. Your legs WILL drop out on you at some point. Being stuck on the floor under a heavy barbell is not going to add to the fun levels of this workout.

More than likely, you’ll be more sore from this workout than you expect. I wouldn’t plan on doing this workout more than once a week. It is a brutal and it will take some time to recover from. After all, we don’t grow in the gym. We grow outside of the gym with rest/recovery and nutrition.

Throw this workout in your routine when you’ve reached a plateau, don’t have much time, or just really want to give yourself a good gut-check!