High Protein Vegan Split Pea Curry Recipe

Split pea curry

“Where do you get your protein from?” is a question every vegan has heard hundreds of times. This tasty curry recipe is packed with protein, from tofu but also from hearty split peas. You’ve probably got all the ingredients in your kitchen already, so set aside some food prep time and enjoy!

Why we love this vegan recipe

It’s 100% vegan, so suitable for vegans or anyone who wants to avoid dairy in their curries. The high protein count is thanks to firm tofu and split peas, and there’s lots of fibre too with an array of vegetables. The fresh, warming flavours come from fresh herbs, spices, plus ginger. It’s not a super hot curry, but it’s warming enough to satisfy a big appetite on a cold day!


Makes 4 portions

– 20ml oil
– 400g extra firm tofu – pressed and chopped
– 140g (dry weight) split peas of any colour
– vegan stock cube
– 400g cauliflower – chopped
– 200g tomatoes – chopped (or a tin of chopped tomatoes)
– 100g red bell pepper
– 2 garlic cloves – chopped
– 1/2 green chili and 1/4 red chili – finely chopped
– 2 cm fresh ginger root – peeled and chopped
– lemon juice
– 1 tsp coriander powder
– 1/2 tsp course black pepper
– 1/2 tsp turmeric
– Fresh coriander


1) Cook the split peas in the stock (add more water if they go dry)
2) Heat the oil in a heavy pan with a lid
3) Cook the garlic, coriander powder, black pepper, and ginger for a minute or so
4) Add in the cubed tofu, stir, and let it cook through
5) Add the tomatoes and red pepper and cook through with the lid on
6) Add the cauliflower, stir, and and cook through with the lid on
7) Add the split peas plus any remaining stock liquid
8) Stir, cover the pan, leave for at least 15 minutes.
9) Before serving, add the chopped fresh coriander and lemon juice.

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