The Importance Of Whey Protein When Working Out

Whey protein

Protein comes in many different forms, from meats, eggs, and dairy to supplementary sources like whey protein. When it comes to building that lean muscular physique we all desire, it’s widely known that protein is a must-have!

However, just what, exactly, is the importance of having protein when working out? And what is the difference between getting your protein from dietary sources compared with supplementary sources such as whey?

To gain a full understanding, we have to look at exactly what whey protein is and how it is different from dietary protein sources to determine why it is so beneficial for making gains.

For the most part, protein is protein. However, whey protein is a very filtered and refined source of protein derived from milk. As whey is so filtered, it contains minimal fats and carbohydrates, and offers a superior protein percentage to any dietary source such as meat or eggs. Moreover, it also absorbs much faster than most dietary protein sources.

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Training is critical to muscle growth – everyone knows that. As we train we cause micro tears in the muscle tissue. Our body uses protein or amino acids to help repair and rebuild the muscles so that we grow bigger and stronger. So it makes sense that after we train we need a fast-absorbing source of protein to speed up the recovery process!

This is why whey protein is so important to optimizing your muscle recovery and growth. The benefits of supplementing with whey protein after training include:

  1. Faster recovery – post-training speed is the name of the game! Whey can absorb in as little as 30 minutes compared with a piece of steak which may take well over 2 hours. Using a protein supplement will help speed up those gains.
  2. Reduced muscle soreness – muscle soreness is a default result of resistance training, as we are causing stress and minor damage to the muscle tissue in order to stimulate growth. As muscle tissue is primarily made up of protein, it is important to get protein in to help recovery. Faster recovery will mean reduced muscle soreness.
  3. Increased muscle mass – increased training combined with enough protein to recover optimally will, without doubt, increase lean muscle mass.
  4. Improved immune system – whey protein boasts large amounts of vitamins essential for ensuring a healthy immune system, as well as high doses of the amino acid glutamine, which is great for gut health, keeping you feeling 100% both inside and out!

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why supplementing with whey protein is a great choice. But how do you find a good whey protein to take after training?

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We recommend looking for whey which has at least 80% protein per serving. Muscle Club offers a great whey protein supplement which contains over 19.5 grams of protein per 25-gram serving, as well as minimal carbs and fats to keep the calories low. One serving of Muscle Club whey is the perfect post-workout choice to ensure your body has everything it needs to not only recover, but to pack on lean muscle!

If you’re serious about your training, whey protein is a must-have to ensure you are getting the most out of your training sessions and maximizing your results. At Muscle Club, we think that whey protein is a major key to achieving your goals. That’s why we include whey protein in all our Muscle Boxes.