Toad In The Hole: Protein-Packed British Favourite!

toad in hole

This recipe is super-simple to make, but it feels a bit more substantial than some of the other high-protein choices out there. Plus, it’s made up of really easy-to-find ingredients, so it’s great when the cupboard stocks are low!

This dish can be made different very easily by the choice of filling, i.e. the meat or Quorn. In this recipe, I’ll give you a few of my favourite options so you can alternate and keep this meal fresh and interesting.

Why is this meal great for you?

Whether you choose to use the veggie option or meat, this meal is packed full of protein and can easily be tailored to suit your dietary needs. For example, if you’re bulking, you can use full-fat milk for the batter at a protein intake of 10.2g and 201kcal, but if you’re cutting, you could use, say, half water, half full-fat milk (5.1g and 100kcal) or just switch to semi-skimmed!

With at least three main sources of protein – meat/Quorn, eggs, and milk – this is a great choice for when you’re bulking, but it’s also flexible enough to provide a high-nutrition option to those who are starting to cut or those who just want to maintain their current weight.

Nutritional value

Quorn version

6 Quorn sausages/full-fat milk/1 large egg
Calories: 713kcal
Protein: 41.7g
Fat: 35.3g
Carbs: 98.45g

Sausage and bacon version

6 sausages/6 bacon rashers/full-fat milk/1 large egg
Calories: 1442.5kcal
Protein: 93.86g
Fat: 109.48g
Carbs: 15.4g

Handy tip: The number of calories and amount of protein can vary from sausage brand to sausage brand – when choosing, check the content and choose one based on your current goals! Also, you can drop the bacon to cut the fat content down to 85g, but be prepared to lose nearly 30g of protein.

Meal timing

This meal is a big one; it’s heavy and it’s filling, so make sure to leave at least two hours between eating and any workout or you’ll know about it. Feeling sluggish and bloated isn’t exactly going to improve your performance!

Instead, I recommend eating this meal post-workout, when the combination of protein, carbs, and fats is ideal for muscle-building and recovery.


125g plain or wholemeal flour
300ml full-fat milk (can be diluted with water or swapped for semi-skimmed)
1 large egg
6 Quorn or pork sausages
(Optional: 6 bacon rashers)
2 tbsp oil to roast
Salt and pepper to season


  1. Make sure your oven is preheated to 220 degrees C (gas mark 7 if that’s what your oven needs) and get the oil heating in the tin while you prepare the batter.
  2. Add the flour and seasoning to a bowl and add the egg slowly. Whisk in the milk (and water if chosen) steadily until nice and smooth. It should resemble pancake batter because it is, in fact, virtually the same!
  3. By now your oil should be nice and hot; if you’re using veggie sausages just go ahead and roast them for 5 minutes. If you’re using pork sausages, wrap each sausage in a bacon rasher and add to the tin – similarly, roast for five minutes until sizzling. Make sure all sausages are spread out and there’s not too much room in the tin.
  4. You’ll want to give your batter a good stir before you continue. Take your tin out and gently pour your batter around the sausages – try and be as quick as possible, but you’re aiming around the sausages, not on top!
  5. Put the tin back in the oven and leave for another twenty minutes. The batter should have risen and be recognizable as the fluffy Yorkshire pudding we all know!

Goes great with …

This is super-easy and goes with a huge variety of sides. Some people love it with gravy and roasted veg, others with beans and mash. For a healthier option, you could try it with baby new potatoes and steamed broccoli!

Try a few things and find your favourite!