The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Badminton

Tips for badminton beginners

Badminton can be a fun way to get fit, burn calories, and learn a new skill! In fact, there aren’t many sports on the planet that will help develop hand–eye coordination like badminton. In this sport, quick reflexes are the key to success!

Not to be confused with tennis, badminton is played on a smaller court with a smaller racket and a shuttlecock instead of a ball. This shortened court makes the game much more intense, as agility becomes the key to success.

If you’re looking to get started with badminton we recommend doing a quick google search for clubs in your area. Most clubs will hold a weekly pennant competition which caters to all skill and fitness levels.

The team at Muscle Club have provided a comprehensive list of all the things you will need to bring with you to ensure you have a seamless entry into the sport.

  1. Water – without a doubt, make sure you bring a drinking bottle! Badminton is played at a high intensity and is often indoors, so you will heat up fast!
  2. Correct footwear – make sure you wear a decent pair of sneakers with plenty of grip. More often than not, badminton is played on sectioned parts of a basketball court, which can be slippery at times.
  3. Towel – it’s likely that you will break out in a sweat when playing, so we recommend brining along a towel just in case.
  4. Racquet – if you are planning on playing pennant, a racquet will be required. However, if you are heading along to a beginner’s coaching class a racquet will probably be provided for you.
  5. Light clothing – dress light; think shorts or leggings and a T-shirt. We recommend that you do not wear anything that may restrict movement.

Badminton is a sport unlike many others. It combines components of tennis and other sports such as volleyball, but adds its own unique twists and turns. Ensuring you pay attention to your coach or instructor during training is key, as failing to listen can make the game rather confusing!

There are five types of badminton matches: Men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

As a beginner, it may be easier to bring along a friend so that you can play doubles and learn together, rather than being thrown in at the deep end to play a match solo.

Badminton offers a unique experience during which you are sure to develop an increase in hand–eye coordination, agility, cardiovascular health, and most of all have fun!

If you’re interested in badminton, contact your local club today and get fit with this fun sport!