The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Boxing

Guide to boxing

Without a doubt one of the best ways to get fit and lose weight is boxing. The sport of boxing has been around for centuries, and while there is a large competitive component to it, there has also been a significant shift in recent years towards the fitness side of things.

Many sessions now focus more on intense 45-minute calorie-burning sessions than on striking an opponent. And if it’s the intensity and a new challenge you’re after, boxing is the perfect fit!

You will be able to find a boxing gym or class in just about any town or city. If you are looking to get into boxing, here’s what we recommend looking for.

If you want to try boxing as a form of exercise for weight loss or improving cardiovascular health for fun, try checking out some of your local fitness centers. Most fitness centers which run classes will have a class such as Boxercise or something similar. These are designed to give you the feel of boxing, but with the focus on burning lots of calories in a short amount of time.

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However, if you are seeking the competitive side of boxing and perhaps want to compete at an amateur level one day, we recommend seeking out an actual boxing gym with bags and boxing trainers. There are likely to be numerous gyms which offer training for competition; you may even find trainers in kickboxing or MMA gyms as well.

As with any gym, heading along to your first session can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Not knowing where to go or what to do can be nerve-wracking! For boxing, here’s a quick couple of things you will need to bring to make sure you are prepared.

  1. Towel – boxing is very intense, and we guarantee you will find yourself sweating in the first 15 minutes!
  2. Drinking bottle – staying hydrated is key to good performance.
    Sports clothes – loose-fitting clothes that can breathe; you don’t want to wear anything too constricting or heavy.
  3. Skipping rope – many gyms will provide equipment, but you may want to bring your own rope just in case. Skipping is one of the most important warm-ups for boxing, as you will quickly learn.
  4. Gloves – some gyms may supply all the gear, but if you are planning on participating in boxing regularly you definitely want to invest in a decent pair of bag gloves. Reusing the shared pair at the gym is never fun.
  5. Money – most boxing gyms work on a casual payment system, typically $5–10 per session.
  6. A friend – the best way to stay committed is to bring a friend to make you accountable. Getting fit together is fun! And often boxing does require you to find a partner for pad work or sparring, so if you can, try bringing a friend along!

If you have never punched a bag in your life, don’t fret! Beginners are the lifeblood of boxing gyms and the trainers at any gym always give a rundown of what’s expected as well as full demonstrations of how to perform different punches.

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If you’re looking for a fun new way to get fit and learn a new skill, make sure you give boxing a go! Who knows, you may be a world champion in the making.